WPCL Executive

20 June 2017

Title/Role Name Phone (780) email
President Gail Powley  
Vice-President Scott Meadows  
Secretary Ronnene Anderson 433-8632
Treasurer Chris Carlyle    
Finance Audit Committee Rolf Mirus, Vacant    
Grants Susanna Biro    
CivicsCentral Area Council/Planning Committee Lead Elaine Solez 431-0292
Directors-at-Large Robert Gariepy, Bill Sheldon    
Building Manager John Collier 433-1270
Membership and Landscaping Marilyn Gaa 432-7660
Newsletter Editor Alexia Ferrari (587)990-5556
Hall Rental Lynn Wolff
Rink Maintenance Ivan Fair  
Soccer Shona Nichols, Timur Ozelsel, New Leads Needed  
Casino Bonnie Austen, Vacant  
Social Gabriella Makar, Vacant  
Facebook Gabriella Makar, Vacant  
Sustainability Koen deWaal, Dorothee Feils  
Webmaster Tracy Stanicky  
University Liaison Vacant    
Preschool Jaqui Knezevich 439-0919
Neighbourhood Watch Marilyn Cox  
Health and Fitness Director Bonnie Austen  

New Volunteers Always Needed! Please contact Gail Powley at